I’ve learnt something today. When we think  a friend doesn’t really care about us or doesn’t seem to always be there, we automatically believe that they don’t value the friendship. I’m sensitive and I tend to think that all my friends don’t care about me nor will I ever maintain a meaningful relationship with anyone.

But, what I’ve learnt today is that, just because aren’t there, doesn’t mean they don’t care  about or that you don’t matter. What if they don’t have the energy? What if they have their own problems to deal with and they don’t have to energy to look after you…yet?

Something that had always upset me was that most of the time no one is there for me. I’ve always thought that I had crap friends, but do I even have the right to say that? I wasn’t exactly the perfect friend either. I think this is the type of loneliness I need to accept.














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