I don’t know why I bother attending lectures when I get nothing from it.

Last night, I thought about journals. I’ve always loved documenting aspects of my life down. When I turned 10 years old, I tried to count how many days I’ve lived. I would tally each day down in my notepad of miscellaneous stuff. My best friend (at the time) saw me stroke a tally and asked why was I doing it. She said it looked like I was dying and counting my days. I stopped doing it after that.

My diary writing days began soon after. When I read my old entries, it wasn’t all about me. It wasn’t who my crush was, it was about who had a crush on who. I guess I’ve always been an observer.

Blogging has always been a joy. I guess I want to leave a bit of myself in the world. It really does sound like I’m dying and counting my days…..

Anyways, last night I was thinking of having a journal for documenting quotes I like from famous people to people around me. I sometimes find what people say to be inspirational or beautiful yet it isn’t being documented down. Memories don’t last but documents can (if possible).



Signing out, the observer.




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