It was a Friday night and I felt adventurous. I was in a good mood for some aesthetic photographing. I’ve heard about Cockatoo Island for a while but never really got the chance to tour the place. Oh another note is, I always travel alone.

 This was my second time on a ferry. I’m quite impress with the camera quality of the Iphone 6s.


Originally, this post was suppose to just be about my trip at cockatoo island but there’s not much to talk about.

I’ve booked a driving lesson, which was scheduled for tomorrow. I’ve been on my learners for about two years now. It’s taking so long because I hate driving. If I were to be in a car accident and killed someone, I’ll never forgive myself and it’ll be a guilt that I have to live with. I feel like it’s time to seriously learn to drive. My friend has been telling me about her home life and it’s rather frustrating not being able to hop into my car and see her. I also feel bad that my boyfriend has to always drive to my place to see me. If I could drive, I could see him more.





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